R01 - 30mm HEEL PLATE

Color: Black
Size: 30mm
Size chart


Take your measurements on the body itself, without over-tightening.
If you're between sizes, go for the larger size. 

Measure the chest/breasts at the fullest part and, if possible, with your bra on.
Measure the waist at the narrowest part.

Size Collar Chest Waist
S 36 cm 90 cm - 94 cm 74 cm - 78 cm
M 37 cm 95 cm - 100 cm 78 cm - 84 cm
L 38 cm 101 cm - 105 cm 85 cm - 90 cm
XL 39 cm 106 cm - 110 cm 91 cm - 95 cm


086 86mm skibrake
091 91mm skibrake
097 97mm skibrake
102 102mm skibrake
108 108mm skibrake
120 120mm skibrake



086 86mm
091 91mm
097 97mm
102 102mm
108 108mm
120 120mm


ATK's Heel Adjustment Plate R01 is a lightweight, functional, and practical accessory designed specifically for brakeless Race and Speed Touring bindings. Enhancing the binding adjustability, this plate provides the flexibility to accommodate different types of boots and offers convenience for skiers. Let's explore the key features that make this adjustment plate a valuable addition to your ski setup.

Key Features:

Lightness and Versatility in 30mm:
Weighing a mere 20 grams ATK's Heel Adjustment Plate R01 offers great versatility by allowing easy adjustment of the heel position. You can easily use the generous 30 mm heel adjustment that allows you to easily move the heel to accommodate different boot sizes or types. This versatility ensures that you can fine-tune your bindings to achieve optimal performance and comfort on the slopes.

This adjustment plate comes included with the Haute Route, Haute Route PLUS, Trofeo PLUS and it fits all the brakeless Race bindings.

Bridge Design for Ski Protection:
The R01 Adjustment Plate features a bridge design that creates a protective space under the preexistent holes on the ski. This prevents the weakening of the ski and minimizes the risk of accidents or unpleasant incidents. Enjoy the added safety and peace of mind provided by this accessory.

Performing through lightness

You already have your next great performance in you. Our lightness is the tool to unlock it.

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