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Designed for precise resistance and maximum lightness, these leashes are crafted with a Kevlar core and a polyurethane spiral coating. Let's explore the key features that make ATK's Kevlar Core Leashes the ultimate choice for skiers seeking unparalleled durability and flexibility.

Key features:

Lightweight design:
Weighing a mere 15 grams, ATK's Kevlar Core Leashes add minimal weight to your setup while enhancing security. The lightweight design ensures that the leashes won't hinder your movements or impact your performance on the snow.

Maximum flexibility, precise resistance:
Externally coated with a polyurethane spiral to provide flexibility and elasticity, this leashes’ design reducing the risk of getting tangled in branches or spurs; while Kevlar, a material known for its high tensile strength, makes for the ideal reliable and robust core.

Maximum extension and tensile breaking load:
ATK's Kevlar Core Leashes offer a maximum extension of 60 cm, providing ample range of extension while keeping you securely connected to your skis in case of a release. With a tensile breaking load of approximately 120 kg, these leashes are built to withstand significant force and ensure reliable retention.

Versatile compatibility:
Designed for universal compatibility, ATK's Kevlar Core Leashes are suitable for use with all ski boots. In fact, the leashes feature a ring that allows attachment to the boot in case direct application is not possible. This versatile design ensures that these leashes can be easily incorporated into your existing setup.

Service culture

100% of the components of every ATK binding are reviewable and replaceable. This is not a coincidence; it's the result of the blend of design and sustainability that characterizes all our products. We design responsibly and sustainably, with durability and repairability in mind, to make the most sustainable binding the one you already own.

In this perspective, we have also enriched our catalog with a wide range of spare parts. Elements like heel flaps, ski brakes, and screws are part of this assortment, covering even the older models. We have also found it responsible to complete our offering with specific products for the periodic care of our bindings, another good practice that allows us to extend their life and reduce waste.

Performing through lightness

You already have your next great performance in you. Our lightness is the tool to unlock it.

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