Color: Black
Size: 25mm
Size chart


Take your measurements on the body itself, without over-tightening.
If you're between sizes, go for the larger size. 

Measure the chest/breasts at the fullest part and, if possible, with your bra on.
Measure the waist at the narrowest part.

Size Collar Chest Waist
S 36 cm 90 cm - 94 cm 74 cm - 78 cm
M 37 cm 95 cm - 100 cm 78 cm - 84 cm
L 38 cm 101 cm - 105 cm 85 cm - 90 cm
XL 39 cm 106 cm - 110 cm 91 cm - 95 cm


086 86mm skibrake
091 91mm skibrake
097 97mm skibrake
102 102mm skibrake
108 108mm skibrake
120 120mm skibrake



086 86mm
091 91mm
097 97mm
102 102mm
108 108mm
120 120mm


ATK's Ski-Saver Plate R06 is a specialized accessory designed to install ATK’s heel pieces on skis with TLT® Speed and Radical pattern without having to drill the ski again. With its lightweight construction and additional adjustment capability, this plate offers convenience and versatility for skiers using pre-drilled skis. Let's explore the key features that make ATK's Ski-Saver Plate R06 an essential choice for all the skiers that made a wrong choice but wants to redeem themselves.

Key features:

Specialized design for pre-drilled skis:
ATK's Ski-Saver Plate R06 is specifically designed for TLT® Speed and Radical pre-drilled skis. This accessory allows for easy installation of the ATK heel part without the need for bothering the skis with an additional drilling.

Additional adjustment range:
The R06 plate provides an additional adjustment range of 25 mm, allowing for fine-tuning of the heel position. With adjustable increments ranging from -10 mm to +15 mm, this plate accommodates different boot sizes and preferences.

Durable construction:
Crafted with a combination of aluminum and steel, this plate offers durability and strength. Relax, you won’t have to switch back.

Service culture

100% of the components of every ATK binding are reviewable and replaceable. This is not a coincidence; it's the result of the blend of design and sustainability that characterizes all our products. We design responsibly and sustainably, with durability and repairability in mind, to make the most sustainable binding the one you already own.

In this perspective, we have also enriched our catalog with a wide range of spare parts. Elements like heel flaps, ski brakes, and screws are part of this assortment, covering even the older models. We have also found it responsible to complete our offering with specific products for the periodic care of our bindings, another good practice that allows us to extend their life and reduce waste.

Performing through lightness

You already have your next great performance in you. Our lightness is the tool to unlock it.

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