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ATK's Removable Crampons Slot SRB is a great accessory to complete your light ski mountaineering setup. Easy to install and remove, it allows you to face harsh snow condition with ease of mind. Let's explore the key features that make it an essential accessory for ski tourers seeking safety.

Key Features:

Lightweight comfort:
Weighing just 7 grams, ATK's full aluminum Removable Crampons Slot ensures a highly manageable accessory, easy to install and remove for peak versatility. Designed to facilitate your movements when applying or removing the crampons, this hook testifies for ATK’s attention to all skiers need.

The SRB Removable Crampons Slot is compatible and comes included with: Kuluar LT and Brake, Crest AP, Crest, Candy 7 AP, Candy 5, C-Raider AP, C-Raider and Easy Rent AP.

Performing through lightness

You already have your next great performance in you. Our lightness is the tool to unlock it.

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